What keeps you going?

Hello fellow hammered dulcimer players,

I’m sorry that this is a late blog for you that was supposed to go out on Wednesday but I wanted to get this to you before my weekend hits and I’m too busy to do anything.

I had an interview question just come in that I thought was interesting and it gave me the opportunity to tell some part of a story of someone that I’ve met over the summer. The question was “What strong influence keeps you wanting to perform?” I decided to word the title a little differently here even though I love the question. Let me start by telling you about someone that I just met not too long ago.

She’s a mom who couldn’t have children. She plays the hammered dulcimer. Her and her husband have adopted 3 children who’s mom died and they were being raised by their grandma. The grandmother contracted cancer not that long ago and a few days after their grandma finalized the adoption papers, she passed away. Since then this couple has had one of their own babies and they are one happy family with 4 children.

This lady wants to get better at playing the hammered dulcimer because while she is not a singer, her oldest daughter is and she wants to play while her daughter sings in church. This is her motivation. I love this story. It’s full of passion, heart break, music and life.

My question to you is the same, what motivates or influences you to keep going with the talents that you’ve been given? What motivates me know is a little different than what was at the beginning so I’m sure it changes for you as well. So if you feel so led, please tell me your story. I’d love to hear it.

You all are my inspiration when I hear what you’ve been through and where you’re going. Thank you for your stories and your music. No one can sound like you and no one can play the song that you are.

Keep going!

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