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You HAVE What it Takes.

In case you're feeling doubtful and frazzled today. 

In case there's more bad news than good in your newsfeed. 

In case everything went wrong this morning and your list of “to do” is still not done... 


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Our First Florida Vacation- To The Beach!

I seemed to have come out of our beach trips with lots of Boy pictures. It's fun to see them enjoying the sand and sun! Seth has always been our surfer dude. He's showing his true colors here in FL. …Read more

Just A Letter

An email from Donna to me...

"I've had all sorts of moments in mind to share with you and when I realized it was too much to text a novel idea occurred to me... Why not go back a couple…

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Do the Next Thing

Jesse in the Snow

Tweetybird is traveling around the world in 80 days while the kids watch safely from our living room floor this Monday evening. Predictions for 4-6 inches of snow tonight, with more possible tomorrow morning, are bringing…Read more

Pizza in a hurry and holidays on the way

It’s Monday night, time to write a little update for you all and I kind of forgot about it for the last hour. (oops) We’re gathered in the living room for our fall Monday and Tuesday evening tradition… watching The…Read more

A Surprise and a Heavenly Fall

TED IS HOME! Late Monday night Ted came home from a 13 day trip that we thought would keep him on the road another day. I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet so I was still up on the couch at the…Read more

A Bungled Brunch, Biology, and Business Plans

Well I had grand plans of making a breakfast buffet for the family over the weekend- orange juice, zucchini muffins, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. So what happens if I don’t feel like going to the trouble? The first son…Read more