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It's Apple Week

Does anyone remember helping mom in the kitchen, making applesauce?

The kids and I are putting up the orchard bounty this week and it's been fun to watch them enjoy the fun parts!

Steaming away in…

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Our First Florida Vacation- To The Beach!

I seemed to have come out of our beach trips with lots of Boy pictures. It's fun to see them enjoying the sand and sun! Seth has always been our surfer dude. He's showing his true colors here in FL. …Read more

A furry friend and fans around the globe

Why am I avoiding writing this blog this morning? I’m sitting here looking at my list of priorities for today- “write Gidget blog” is at the top of things to do before lunch. So far I’ve packed CDs, chatted with…

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Just A Letter

An email from Donna to me...

"I've had all sorts of moments in mind to share with you and when I realized it was too much to text a novel idea occurred to me... Why not go back a couple…

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Winter Wonderland Part 2

  We had lots of fun ice skating since the last blog.

Bench full of fun

Our Monday off was a very warm day, which was good for keeping fingers and toes warm, but that meant a 1/2” slick of water…Read more

What makes a winter wonderland?

Last week, while Ted was still out of town, we made a conscious decision to take Friday off and spend some time playing together as a family. Since it was warm and almost sunny we decided to take a shot…Read more

A Surprise and a Heavenly Fall

TED IS HOME! Late Monday night Ted came home from a 13 day trip that we thought would keep him on the road another day. I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet so I was still up on the couch at the…Read more